AcrySwing Basement Well Covers
A week ago I heard the useful information about installing basement well cover replacement in my home. It has been long time that I have been problem with my basement well and thinking about the replacement of covers. Before I install I need to be sure all is functional after all. My basement problem are water leaking in summer and winter, sometimes I found old leaves and dead animals inside the wells.
I use basement as a storage place as well as music rooms. I have floor heater and water heater come from the basement and dryer and washing machine is there too. To prevent the mold and ventilation my basement need enough fresh air and light. That is why I am thinking to install Plexiglas window well covers that provide all I need. It also protects water coming into the basement and can lock it from inside for security.
The picture you have seen here now is after installation of well cover in my basement. It looks really clean and beautiful. It just satisfied me whenever I look at it and never have water-leaking problem now.


I think it was an unhappy day for horse summer when she felt through the basement window well covers. She felt off from her back side all the way through to the basement. Luckily she was not really hurt by breaking the glass window well covers.
It was about 9 O`clock in the morning when she fall through the front side of well cover in the house. It was made of glass and it couldnot stand 1100 lb horse weight. Now we need to think about how to protect heavy weight animal falling from the basement well cover. To rescue the house, it takes more than 4 hours for the whole Elbert Country homewoner offer staffs and Rattlesnake Fire Protection workers. Elbert Country Roand Bridge Department were there to help with the crews.

So it was lots of work when this happen, it wourld be better choice to install quality basement window well covers that can protect heavy weight horse summer. To get the horse out of the basement they need to dig down the well so that she can get out the same way back.
Just hearing the new and video on TV about the happening, installing the right quality frame with glass well cover is the solutiong, metal frame will protect the heavy weight and glass cover will give enough light. But need to make sure all are correctly installed so that horse or other animals cannot fall and break into it. That just point me how important to use the right well covers to keep this kind of occation away. This is awful that all the people have to work till midnight to repare the well can cover up safely. Avoid this kind of thing by putting quality basement well cover in your well.

I am also interested to visit to window well covers factory one day and luckily we were invited by Marketing Manager Stafen last Tuesday to come to the production and see how it have been made. It was quite interesting for me to see how window well covers is manufactured and it was located in Amerang. Everybody knows the weather in Germany is cold and I always need my jacket to go out.
We went there by car, the view around the street was amazing, all are full of corn plant all looks green and look like a nice painting in my eye. After about an hour drive we arrived at the parlor, first we parked our car in garage and found out there were three Mercedes Car and amazing collection. Friend told me that it was the collection of the boss from one big company. About 15 minutes later, Stafen came and welcome us with coffee then we had a small talk in the living rooms, which was well decorated.
After that we came down to lager to see the basement window well covers productions parts. There were five different types of well covers that can be installed in every basement wells.

  1. AcryProtect Window well cover
  2. AcryLive Window well cover
  3. AcrySwing Window Well cover
  4. AcryFree Window Well Cover
  5. AcrySlope Window well cover

All products are made of Acryl plexglas to have the best suit with the girding from the well. It is designed to keep rain and snow protection. It provide enough weight for people who can stand on and guarantee not to break and also have function to lock it from inside so that it will not get lost.
After that Stefen explain steps by steps installation and how we need to take care when we are installing. It was easy like DIY do it yourself to install your wells. It was quite interesting after all how home basement from getting small animals and thief into your basement by having window well covers can protect your home.

The advantage of installing custom window well cover is to prevent high home security and any size available. It is made according to your order how thick and strong enough for people to stand on, so that your children are safe from falling. This aims of the custom well covers is to protect from falling enough old leaves, dirt and rainwater.
It should also be sound, heat and waterproof so that basement remain always dry. Natural light should come through the well cover and provide ventilation in the basement. Every part of the living space in the basement can be used too by installing Plexiglass covers. It is also good for big family to have unique living rooms. It is also important to have new idea and creative to provide the increasing number of population in your family.
The process works very easily, you just need to measure your old wells cover and the measurement you want to extend your well then send it to manufacture. Sometimes you can use your basement together with your garden. After you finished installing you will start planting on the deck of your basement. I think it is the best home idea to combine together.
After decoration of your basement, it will look like perfect living space that you will never think. As it is totally water proof basement and well covers, you can use it safely for any use. That is why I will advise every family to use Plexiglass window well cover because it is also cheap and easy to clean. You do not need special materials to clean as it is made of acryl glass.

window well cover acryl free for spring
Even if the rainning season is over, it is still rainning heavily. If there are thunderstorms and rain showers everywhere, then the soil will not get dry by spring sun. That is why we have problems for the well cover. The basement windows should carry light and fresh air to the basement, but this season it is hard because of bad weather. There can be other reason why the well cover grid is blocked, such as small animals, frogs, toads and mice. Also leaves, grass clippings, dirt and sand that can keep the fresh air and sunlight away.
I think our basement window well cover should always be kept dry. The natural light will come through the grid slot, but it should also be air and light permeable, to allow enough fresh air through the window. No matter what size the well cover you have, there is every conceivable custom window well covers available. This is distinguished from the quality of customer service, the customer choose right window well covers.
To get the custom cover, it is not normally very long. The well cover grating can be assembled very easy to install. Yesterday I just saw on TV about how to renovate the basement and showing example of hobby room, personal bar and sport gym in the basement.
Some also keep as a club that can celebrate the family party. So that is sure animals and dirt will never find in the basemnent. The advantage of installing special well cover is that there is no air circualtion problem inside. It looks modern and no burglar can come in as you can lock it. This accessory allows the grid of the interior and the lock, without blocking the possible escape rote. So that all your things are safe. I am sure it is the best time to replace the basement well cover to make ready for spring.

It was raining heavily yesterday unexpectedly there was water leaking from the frame of the basement well. The glass window cover was not good enough to protect the heavy rain. Even in Winter I always have problem with water from melting snow. So I have to find the good quality basement well cover now. I need the right basement window well covers that protects rain or snow water and insulates well for home. Even heavy snow or debris it can resist bad weather. This time I am thinking to buy custom cover which can also supply for water pipe, wires that already have in basement window. This will meet the important safety codes like Egress windows. Readymade or standard basement well covers may not be strong enough or protective and cannot have safety reason.

Basement window well covers and egress well covers come in any different shapes, size and design. Normal covers can be found in normal home stores and usually keep only standard sized covers, and many will break under heavy rain or snow. That was why I decided to buy custom basement window cover that will fit for my metal well frame. I find that they have 3 years guarantee to fit with weather. I provide natural sun light and provide room temperatures in the basement.

According to the rule I have to use egress well covers that must have exact guidelines. It needs to be in International Building Code requirement. Any basement room is use for sleeping than must have opening of up to 5.7 square feet for emergency escape. It is a bit complicated to think about covering of the window well now. It is necessary to drain the window well sometimes to the foundation drains or I need to have them to connect with a stone in the drain. It is extremely valuable to fix it before installing the well. But I am lucky to finish it at the end by ordering the custom well covers that protect all unnecessary disturbances.
well cover to protect rain and snow

Last winter we decided to construct our home basement window well covers but we have no idea how to renovate our wells and windows. We had big problems with our old apartment because there is not enough light and always getting water in the basement. The heating system of the house is totally increased, have to pay lots of fee for the electricity and gas that was why we decided to move to the new apartment. Now we have to install the basement window to have enough light and fresh air. We wanted to have the basement almost like the living room, as we will use it as our storage place and small gym for the exercises. First of all we started to think what types of window well will be best for our basement and John friend of us give us idea to install Plexiglas window well cover that give enough light and safety for the basement. We have three windows that need to be installed and we follow the according to the friend’s advise. It takes a long time to fix it, normally the construction people come and install it but we wanted to do it our self this time to be sure everything is right.
I also did the Internet research for the best window well cover and it take only a little time to find best well cover for the basement. There are two different type we found one is plastic well cover and other is glass (acrylic) well cover. Plastic well will not last long because we have some animals living around and they like to enter to the basement. They will break it easily if we install plastic well cover. That is why we take acrylic glass well cover that last long and modern design. They are also reasonable price that we can effort it. The owner of the house is not paying for the new window well so we have to think about our budget too.
basement well cover for natural living in natur
This is how the new basement well look like and we are very please now and happpy with our basement.