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If you have the special basement window wells size, you will probably need window well cover custom made design to cover your wells. There are some other reason why you will need custom well covers like your basement need extra lights or better fresh air systems. Your basement well is located on the walk way or in front for your garage door. Your well is not the standard size that every home basement use. In this case you need to find extra source to meet your exact need of basement covers.

There are many well covers manufacturer in the market that you can find. Most of them produce mainly stand size depend on their market. If you live in United State you might need egress window well system for your basement. Europe you will see different system install in their basement wells. So if you need special size well covers you need to find out right well cover that can fulfill your requirement. Some covers are made of metal, aluminum or plexiglass nowadays, according to your budget and needs you can install the best custom well covers to meet your requirement.

But there are  some more detail to consider when you need to install your well covers.
Need to ask yourself like:

  • If your well covers is located on the walk way?
  • Is small animals living around your building?
  • If you need light and air in the basement?
  • Is Basement well opening is in front of your garage door?
  • Is rain water and snow are getting into your basement?

These questions are giving you idea to install custom well covers. So be prepared to find the right well covers that fit your custom needs so that you save your time in future. You will find the best products made in Germany by AcrySales.


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Basement Window Wells

Some bases in a garden or in a house aren’t used for any living space, because there isn’t so much light inside of it or because of wetness you can often find a bad smell. There would be such a nice office or a room where you are able to practice your favorite hobbies. But how to solve the problem?

Here’s the answer: Basement Window Well Covers.

Many people think that basement window well covers only have one function. It protect your pets and your children from falling into your basement well. But it is able to do more. For example to protect the basement well from rain or snow, so that it couldn’t get wet and so there will be never a bad smell.

There are so many functions. Basement window well covers are one of the most important inventions for our living areas. To buy one is one of the best things, what Joe Public can do.

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Answer here

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window well cover

How to install a window well covers in my new Basement?

window well cover finish design
well cover image
First I need to think about the window wells foundation how it needs to be constructed. Getting water in the basement is always a big trouble for every well. The best way to prevent water is making the well frame with metal aluminum wire combination of grid and cement. After the bottom frame part is finished we can use acrylic well cover to have natural light through the window.
Installation a window well is moderately light as I have brand new construction but installing in the old building may be nightmare. I need to think about having enough grade intervals around foundation wells. During the raining season it can leak water from outside so it needs to be drained properly before installing window well. I need to have the right direction how long I need to wait before I install it.
Do not forget to set the high of the window well. I would rather leave 3 to 4 inches scale above so that debris and water will not be able to fall into the basement. Do not leave more than 7 inches close to the interval of the well. Then I want to have about 4 inches between finished bar and basement well.
Have to finish it in the first time as it will be hard later to make new digging and installing it. Making again and again just ruin the basement strength and pipe inside can break the foundation easily. It is convenient to use marble stone to keep the temperature of the basement and keep clean all the time.

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