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AcrySwing Basement Well Covers
A week ago I heard the useful information about installing basement well cover replacement in my home. It has been long time that I have been problem with my basement well and thinking about the replacement of covers. Before I install I need to be sure all is functional after all. My basement problem are water leaking in summer and winter, sometimes I found old leaves and dead animals inside the wells.
I use basement as a storage place as well as music rooms. I have floor heater and water heater come from the basement and dryer and washing machine is there too. To prevent the mold and ventilation my basement need enough fresh air and light. That is why I am thinking to install Plexiglas window well covers that provide all I need. It also protects water coming into the basement and can lock it from inside for security.
The picture you have seen here now is after installation of well cover in my basement. It looks really clean and beautiful. It just satisfied me whenever I look at it and never have water-leaking problem now.


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