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 It is snowing outside and sometimes it rain so we do not have desire to go outside even though it is Friday night. But what can you do if your basement bar is freezing cold to spend time together with friends.. ? Easy solution is make a fire and warm it up before your guest arrived. It can work only one time if you think about every friday to spend some time in your basement you need to make extra effort that can be useable.

First measure your well, how wide and deep is the opening according to the picture and think about other situation like what are the surrounding.

  • Is there children playing around?
  • What kind of animals living aroung?
  • Is there big trees near your house that old leaves are falling off?
  • Is your well is covered enough from the floor to protect rain and snow fall?
  • Do you need sunlight in the day?
  • Does your basement has good air circulation system?

Many many factors to think about before installing it.

So be sure you think all about before you start it also think about the cost and type of the materials you will use that can keep long and easy to clean. Not that it look dirty every day and hard to clean like wood cover or iron.


I would prefer to think about using acrylglas from basement well cover to fit all these requirement. There are two type of acrylglas materials such as clear or frosted. Depend on where you are going to use both of the cover are recommendable for every home owner who want to spend friday night to celebrate party with friend in the basement.


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It was just a simple step by step guide installing well cover video instruction. AcrySwing is home basement light well cover which support natural light and air to the basement. The price of the cover is cheap enough as low as 60 € including all the necessary instruments.

Well cover quality products is not only the strong but also perfect modern design that can be installed to protect water and snow coming into the basement. There are many custom sizes available to meet every standard.

It is the best time to test this cover now because according to the weather. Nowadays the weather is not stable and every now and then raining with strong wind that can flow water into the basement. Normally basement need to have right well cover that provide air and light to the cell and helps ventilation. At the same time it need to protect vermin like small animals and dirt too. So this well covers is just right choice for every home owner, need to choose two options one for water and snow and another one for insect coming into it.

For more information you can visit detail at our website and buy products at our online shop directly.

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The advantage of installing custom window well cover is to prevent high home security and any size available. It is made according to your order how thick and strong enough for people to stand on, so that your children are safe from falling. This aims of the custom well covers is to protect from falling enough old leaves, dirt and rainwater.
It should also be sound, heat and waterproof so that basement remain always dry. Natural light should come through the well cover and provide ventilation in the basement. Every part of the living space in the basement can be used too by installing Plexiglass covers. It is also good for big family to have unique living rooms. It is also important to have new idea and creative to provide the increasing number of population in your family.
The process works very easily, you just need to measure your old wells cover and the measurement you want to extend your well then send it to manufacture. Sometimes you can use your basement together with your garden. After you finished installing you will start planting on the deck of your basement. I think it is the best home idea to combine together.
After decoration of your basement, it will look like perfect living space that you will never think. As it is totally water proof basement and well covers, you can use it safely for any use. That is why I will advise every family to use Plexiglass window well cover because it is also cheap and easy to clean. You do not need special materials to clean as it is made of acryl glass.

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Last winter we decided to construct our home basement window well covers but we have no idea how to renovate our wells and windows. We had big problems with our old apartment because there is not enough light and always getting water in the basement. The heating system of the house is totally increased, have to pay lots of fee for the electricity and gas that was why we decided to move to the new apartment. Now we have to install the basement window to have enough light and fresh air. We wanted to have the basement almost like the living room, as we will use it as our storage place and small gym for the exercises. First of all we started to think what types of window well will be best for our basement and John friend of us give us idea to install Plexiglas window well cover that give enough light and safety for the basement. We have three windows that need to be installed and we follow the according to the friend’s advise. It takes a long time to fix it, normally the construction people come and install it but we wanted to do it our self this time to be sure everything is right.
I also did the Internet research for the best window well cover and it take only a little time to find best well cover for the basement. There are two different type we found one is plastic well cover and other is glass (acrylic) well cover. Plastic well will not last long because we have some animals living around and they like to enter to the basement. They will break it easily if we install plastic well cover. That is why we take acrylic glass well cover that last long and modern design. They are also reasonable price that we can effort it. The owner of the house is not paying for the new window well so we have to think about our budget too.
basement well cover for natural living in natur
This is how the new basement well look like and we are very please now and happpy with our basement.

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