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Time goes quickly and before we realize how first it is. There are many things to check or prepare before winter arrived. One important thing to do is to check all doors, window and window well covers. These are things that bring lots of trouble and make more cost in winter. One reason is the electricity bill and second is water or melted snow water getting into the basement. If there is a hole or leaking then cold air coming into the rooms and energy usage is high and sometime we do not understand how comes all these. Second if cold water getting into the basement and things can be easily damage and cleaning cost is high.

To prevent this we need to start checking all this step by step:

  1. Proof your windows and doors with expert
  2. Get ready with snow shovels and street salt
  3. No holes in your doors and window
  4. Air tight doors and windows for energy saving
  5. Clean well cover is advantage
  6. Using weatherproofing, energy efficient and insulation doors

After you have done these steps then you can be sure your house is safe in winter. Installing quality window well covers can also keep your worries away too. This are things that I normally check before winter that I rarely have problem with my windows systems. You can find some design of my basement well how and what type of well covers I had install to prevent and safe life in winter.


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