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Winter is very close to us and it is the time to check your window well cover in your basement. But you do not need expect to proof you single well cover. I think you can just check yourself the entire necessary things and proof yourself like an expert ☺.
Take a look at all the instrument that you had stored in your basement before you start proofing. Remove all the materials that can be burnable incase you need it. Your Heating system needs to take care because it can cost you lots of money in winter. Try if you have thermostat correctly installed in your basement. Here comes the important parts, just check all your basement doors, windows and well covers if you see any hole that can lead snow melting water coming in then repair it correctly according to the instructions.
After you check all the checklist before winter arrived, then you are sure all is saved during winter. Most problem people have is the cost of electricity in winter because they neglect proving their well covers. If you have good basement covers you have not only rain and animal away in summer but also save energy needs in winter.


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