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I think it was an unhappy day for horse summer when she felt through the basement window well covers. She felt off from her back side all the way through to the basement. Luckily she was not really hurt by breaking the glass window well covers.
It was about 9 O`clock in the morning when she fall through the front side of well cover in the house. It was made of glass and it couldnot stand 1100 lb horse weight. Now we need to think about how to protect heavy weight animal falling from the basement well cover. To rescue the house, it takes more than 4 hours for the whole Elbert Country homewoner offer staffs and Rattlesnake Fire Protection workers. Elbert Country Roand Bridge Department were there to help with the crews.

So it was lots of work when this happen, it wourld be better choice to install quality basement window well covers that can protect heavy weight horse summer. To get the horse out of the basement they need to dig down the well so that she can get out the same way back.
Just hearing the new and video on TV about the happening, installing the right quality frame with glass well cover is the solutiong, metal frame will protect the heavy weight and glass cover will give enough light. But need to make sure all are correctly installed so that horse or other animals cannot fall and break into it. That just point me how important to use the right well covers to keep this kind of occation away. This is awful that all the people have to work till midnight to repare the well can cover up safely. Avoid this kind of thing by putting quality basement well cover in your well.


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