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I am also interested to visit to window well covers factory one day and luckily we were invited by Marketing Manager Stafen last Tuesday to come to the production and see how it have been made. It was quite interesting for me to see how window well covers is manufactured and it was located in Amerang. Everybody knows the weather in Germany is cold and I always need my jacket to go out.
We went there by car, the view around the street was amazing, all are full of corn plant all looks green and look like a nice painting in my eye. After about an hour drive we arrived at the parlor, first we parked our car in garage and found out there were three Mercedes Car and amazing collection. Friend told me that it was the collection of the boss from one big company. About 15 minutes later, Stafen came and welcome us with coffee then we had a small talk in the living rooms, which was well decorated.
After that we came down to lager to see the basement window well covers productions parts. There were five different types of well covers that can be installed in every basement wells.

  1. AcryProtect Window well cover
  2. AcryLive Window well cover
  3. AcrySwing Window Well cover
  4. AcryFree Window Well Cover
  5. AcrySlope Window well cover

All products are made of Acryl plexglas to have the best suit with the girding from the well. It is designed to keep rain and snow protection. It provide enough weight for people who can stand on and guarantee not to break and also have function to lock it from inside so that it will not get lost.
After that Stefen explain steps by steps installation and how we need to take care when we are installing. It was easy like DIY do it yourself to install your wells. It was quite interesting after all how home basement from getting small animals and thief into your basement by having window well covers can protect your home.


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The advantage of installing custom window well cover is to prevent high home security and any size available. It is made according to your order how thick and strong enough for people to stand on, so that your children are safe from falling. This aims of the custom well covers is to protect from falling enough old leaves, dirt and rainwater.
It should also be sound, heat and waterproof so that basement remain always dry. Natural light should come through the well cover and provide ventilation in the basement. Every part of the living space in the basement can be used too by installing Plexiglass covers. It is also good for big family to have unique living rooms. It is also important to have new idea and creative to provide the increasing number of population in your family.
The process works very easily, you just need to measure your old wells cover and the measurement you want to extend your well then send it to manufacture. Sometimes you can use your basement together with your garden. After you finished installing you will start planting on the deck of your basement. I think it is the best home idea to combine together.
After decoration of your basement, it will look like perfect living space that you will never think. As it is totally water proof basement and well covers, you can use it safely for any use. That is why I will advise every family to use Plexiglass window well cover because it is also cheap and easy to clean. You do not need special materials to clean as it is made of acryl glass.

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