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It was raining heavily yesterday unexpectedly there was water leaking from the frame of the basement well. The glass window cover was not good enough to protect the heavy rain. Even in Winter I always have problem with water from melting snow. So I have to find the good quality basement well cover now. I need the right basement window well covers that protects rain or snow water and insulates well for home. Even heavy snow or debris it can resist bad weather. This time I am thinking to buy custom cover which can also supply for water pipe, wires that already have in basement window. This will meet the important safety codes like Egress windows. Readymade or standard basement well covers may not be strong enough or protective and cannot have safety reason.

Basement window well covers and egress well covers come in any different shapes, size and design. Normal covers can be found in normal home stores and usually keep only standard sized covers, and many will break under heavy rain or snow. That was why I decided to buy custom basement window cover that will fit for my metal well frame. I find that they have 3 years guarantee to fit with weather. I provide natural sun light and provide room temperatures in the basement.

According to the rule I have to use egress well covers that must have exact guidelines. It needs to be in International Building Code requirement. Any basement room is use for sleeping than must have opening of up to 5.7 square feet for emergency escape. It is a bit complicated to think about covering of the window well now. It is necessary to drain the window well sometimes to the foundation drains or I need to have them to connect with a stone in the drain. It is extremely valuable to fix it before installing the well. But I am lucky to finish it at the end by ordering the custom well covers that protect all unnecessary disturbances.
well cover to protect rain and snow


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