It is snowing outside and sometimes it rain so we do not have desire to go outside even though it is Friday night. But what can you do if your basement bar is freezing cold to spend time together with friends.. ? Easy solution is make a fire and warm it up before your guest arrived. It can work only one time if you think about every friday to spend some time in your basement you need to make extra effort that can be useable.

First measure your well, how wide and deep is the opening according to the picture and think about other situation like what are the surrounding.

  • Is there children playing around?
  • What kind of animals living aroung?
  • Is there big trees near your house that old leaves are falling off?
  • Is your well is covered enough from the floor to protect rain and snow fall?
  • Do you need sunlight in the day?
  • Does your basement has good air circulation system?

Many many factors to think about before installing it.

So be sure you think all about before you start it also think about the cost and type of the materials you will use that can keep long and easy to clean. Not that it look dirty every day and hard to clean like wood cover or iron.


I would prefer to think about using acrylglas from basement well cover to fit all these requirement. There are two type of acrylglas materials such as clear or frosted. Depend on where you are going to use both of the cover are recommendable for every home owner who want to spend friday night to celebrate party with friend in the basement.



If you have the special basement window wells size, you will probably need window well cover custom made design to cover your wells. There are some other reason why you will need custom well covers like your basement need extra lights or better fresh air systems. Your basement well is located on the walk way or in front for your garage door. Your well is not the standard size that every home basement use. In this case you need to find extra source to meet your exact need of basement covers.

There are many well covers manufacturer in the market that you can find. Most of them produce mainly stand size depend on their market. If you live in United State you might need egress window well system for your basement. Europe you will see different system install in their basement wells. So if you need special size well covers you need to find out right well cover that can fulfill your requirement. Some covers are made of metal, aluminum or plexiglass nowadays, according to your budget and needs you can install the best custom well covers to meet your requirement.

But there are  some more detail to consider when you need to install your well covers.
Need to ask yourself like:

  • If your well covers is located on the walk way?
  • Is small animals living around your building?
  • If you need light and air in the basement?
  • Is Basement well opening is in front of your garage door?
  • Is rain water and snow are getting into your basement?

These questions are giving you idea to install custom well covers. So be prepared to find the right well covers that fit your custom needs so that you save your time in future. You will find the best products made in Germany by AcrySales.

It was just a simple step by step guide installing well cover video instruction. AcrySwing is home basement light well cover which support natural light and air to the basement. The price of the cover is cheap enough as low as 60 € including all the necessary instruments.

Well cover quality products is not only the strong but also perfect modern design that can be installed to protect water and snow coming into the basement. There are many custom sizes available to meet every standard.

It is the best time to test this cover now because according to the weather. Nowadays the weather is not stable and every now and then raining with strong wind that can flow water into the basement. Normally basement need to have right well cover that provide air and light to the cell and helps ventilation. At the same time it need to protect vermin like small animals and dirt too. So this well covers is just right choice for every home owner, need to choose two options one for water and snow and another one for insect coming into it.

For more information you can visit detail at our website and buy products at our online shop directly.

Basement Window Wells

Some bases in a garden or in a house aren’t used for any living space, because there isn’t so much light inside of it or because of wetness you can often find a bad smell. There would be such a nice office or a room where you are able to practice your favorite hobbies. But how to solve the problem?

Here’s the answer: Basement Window Well Covers.

Many people think that basement window well covers only have one function. It protect your pets and your children from falling into your basement well. But it is able to do more. For example to protect the basement well from rain or snow, so that it couldn’t get wet and so there will be never a bad smell.

There are so many functions. Basement window well covers are one of the most important inventions for our living areas. To buy one is one of the best things, what Joe Public can do.

Trying find way keeping the mind calm, anyone know hot to?

Answer here

Time goes quickly and before we realize how first it is. There are many things to check or prepare before winter arrived. One important thing to do is to check all doors, window and window well covers. These are things that bring lots of trouble and make more cost in winter. One reason is the electricity bill and second is water or melted snow water getting into the basement. If there is a hole or leaking then cold air coming into the rooms and energy usage is high and sometime we do not understand how comes all these. Second if cold water getting into the basement and things can be easily damage and cleaning cost is high.

To prevent this we need to start checking all this step by step:

  1. Proof your windows and doors with expert
  2. Get ready with snow shovels and street salt
  3. No holes in your doors and window
  4. Air tight doors and windows for energy saving
  5. Clean well cover is advantage
  6. Using weatherproofing, energy efficient and insulation doors

After you have done these steps then you can be sure your house is safe in winter. Installing quality window well covers can also keep your worries away too. This are things that I normally check before winter that I rarely have problem with my windows systems. You can find some design of my basement well how and what type of well covers I had install to prevent and safe life in winter.

Winter is very close to us and it is the time to check your window well cover in your basement. But you do not need expect to proof you single well cover. I think you can just check yourself the entire necessary things and proof yourself like an expert ☺.
Take a look at all the instrument that you had stored in your basement before you start proofing. Remove all the materials that can be burnable incase you need it. Your Heating system needs to take care because it can cost you lots of money in winter. Try if you have thermostat correctly installed in your basement. Here comes the important parts, just check all your basement doors, windows and well covers if you see any hole that can lead snow melting water coming in then repair it correctly according to the instructions.
After you check all the checklist before winter arrived, then you are sure all is saved during winter. Most problem people have is the cost of electricity in winter because they neglect proving their well covers. If you have good basement covers you have not only rain and animal away in summer but also save energy needs in winter.